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about us

Grilli Clarice was born in 1961 as a trading company of fruit and vegetables from local crops, whose sales were mainly to commercial and export markets.

Over the years, it has been increasingly specialized in the processing and marketing of fresh beans and Taccole/Piattoni, organizing its facilities, machines, and staff, and linking supply chains with qualified companies both in Italy and abroad.

Since 2005 we have worked near the new establishment in Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), planning our activities to satisfy buyers’ demands. We mainly work with Italian and abroad GD and GDO.

Our organization is based on self-assessment, qualifying, and certification systems that support and guarantee the quality of production processes in the all chain. Grilli Clarice obtained an IFS certificate in 2013, adheres to the organization protocol (MOG) ex D.lgs 231, and it has selected producers certified with GlobalG.A.P. op.1 standard and GRASP’s protocol.

Finally, in 2021 Grilli Clarice received the attribution of the Legality Rating from the Competition and Market Authority.

The volume of green beans that Grilli Clarice commercializes is 9000 tons which is 4000 tons in the winter period.

The origin area of the summer product is mainly in Romagna (Italy) and the winter product comes from Senegal, Egypt, and Morocco.

We produce green beans coming from cultivations that apply product specifications like Regional Integrated Pest Management and customer’s technical agreements for own-brand products. All the production respects the rules of traditional agriculture and applies Good Agricultural practices.

Our commercial offer is born from our production system composed of specialized suppliers that guarantee the quality of the products and increase the competitiveness and the efficiency of the services. Furthermore, improving the planning of the production in the most suitable areas it is ensured the continuity and the regularity of the supplies.

  • Grilli Clarice s.n.c. di Teodorani Massimo & C.
    via 1° Maggio, 8
    47035 Gambettola (FC)
    via Bastia 555
    47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (FC) Italia
  • C.F./P.IVA/Reg.Impr. 03171080405
    R.E.A. FO N. 288946
    RUOP IT-08-2637 B.D.N.O.O. ITA 0078844

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